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'This Is The Way' Mando 'BLOCKS' NFT (1200 Points)

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'This Is The Way' Mando 'BLOCKS' NFT from 'BLOCKS by harvmcm'. 

This BLOCKS was minted into the community wallet at launch, this will be the ONLY way to claim this piece. A very rare Star Wars inspired BLOCK. The third BLOCK ever minted within the collection. 

BLOCKS, is a collection of 1000 unique pieces created by both harvmcm and a series of collaborations.

DISCLAIMER: THIS LISTING IS TO BE CLAIMED ONLY WITH 'BLOCKS POINTS', DO NOT PURCHASE IN ANY OTHER CURRENCY. BLOCKS Points are earned by completing tasks on the store, ordering items from the Clothing or Harv shop, or owning an NFT from the 'BLOCKS by harvmcm' collection.